Vexira with MS?

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Wed Oct 15 15:40:32 IST 2003

On Wednesday 15 October 2003 3:22 pm, Nathan Johanson wrote:

> Funny, there are some notable scanners missing from the certification
> list.

Well, ICSA certification is a very expensive process, and not all companies 
can afford to go through it for the difference it might make to their sales.

Also, once a company has certification, it continues to be expensive, because 
you need to pay for retesting of new versions of the software as they're 

I think it's one of those things where some people want to pay for a product 
with a certificate (and don't mind the extra cost that adds on), some people 
want to pay for a product which works (and prefer to save money if it's less 
than a competing product with the added certification cost).

eg: Some people buy Check Point firewalls for $$$$ (or ££££ etc) - some 
people know that Linux/netfilter/iptables can do the job they need, so they 
use that, even though it hasn't got the certification the Check Point product 


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> be aware that using just ANY AV could be risky...there are a lot of
> posts
> about the viability and inability of certain vendors to provide
> libraries in
> a reasonable period of time after an outbreak on this list (see
> archives).
> Take a look at this site:
> an extension of TruSecure Corp and they provide a
> certification
> program for security products including firewalls and VPNS.  Their AV
> certification lab is well run and up to date on which products are
> certified.  There is certain criteria that the labs requires of member
> product vendors such as 24-hour release of signatures and several other
> standard requirements.
> I have always been a proponent of knowing what I'm buying, so making a
> purchasing requirement such as an ISCA certification is an easy
> decision.
> CT


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