Local DCC 'server' and MS?

Peter Bates Peter.Bates at LSHTM.AC.UK
Wed Oct 15 13:09:48 IST 2003

Hello again all...

> dot at DOTAT.AT 15/10/03 11:07:43 >>>
>SpamAssassin 2.60 now supports two ways of using dcc: the old one
>involves running the dccproc program for each message; the new one
>to the ddcifd daemon via a socket. This should be more efficient
because of
>the reduced startup costs.

Well, I've looked further at the above, and now have 'dccifd' running
as a daemon, sitting listening to requests to the /var/dcc/dccifd

I have

dcc_home /var/dcc

now defined in spam.assassin.prefs.conf (which is also what
/etc/mail/spamassassin/local.cf symlinks to).


spamassassin -D --lint

I now get:

debug: DCCifd is available: /var/dcc/dccifd
debug: entering helper-app run mode
debug: DCCifd: got response: X-DCC-SINECTIS-Metrics:
postbox.lshtm.ac.uk 1114; Body=12619 Fuz1=689536 Fuz2=659126

And reloading MailScanner, lo and behold, messages appear in
/var/dcc/log ...

It's a bit like waiting for a kettle to boil, but since switching, I've
now not noticed any spam being tagged as a result of 'DCC_CHECK', so I'm
not entirely convinced it's working correctly... hmm.

Reliance on another daemon might, of course, be a bad thing...

p.s. I'm running this with Postfix, and assumed the changed user might
be a problem (Postfix with chroot, and running as 'postfix'), but it
does appear that the actual 'content' is being passed to dccifd, but
I've yet to see it result in adding to the score in the way that dccproc
clearly did...

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