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At 22:01 14/10/2003, you wrote:
>I am messing around with the and looking at ways to set up
>virus scanning on a per domain basis (among other settings). I am looking
>at pulling this information out of a database.
>My question is in regards to the following scenario:
>* Say I have two domains, and
>* Say I would like to have Virus Scanning = yes for and no for
>* Suppose I receive an e-mail to user at AND user at
>Since custom functions appear to only run once for each e-mail message
>(even if it has multiple recipients), it appears like the function will
>have to return either a 1 or a 0 (yes or no) for the entire message.  How
>can one message be scanned for one domain and not for another given this

MailScanner itself does not split up messages, it has to have 1 answer for
the entire message. In this case the right answer is easy: you scan it if
*any* of the recipients wants it scanned.

However, the solution to the general problem is to search the mailing list
archive for "queue groups" assuming you are using sendmail. This can be
used to split up a message into a separate message for each recipient.

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