BitDefender and MailScanner and eicars

Rob Freyder garbage at FREYDER.COM
Tue Oct 14 18:38:22 IST 2003

well I am struggling with Mailscanner and Bitdefender.  Bitdefender is
installed and will run and recognized viruses.. I get enough of them in
email to have several around... ;)  Sven etc. so I can test it on real
viruses besides eicar (see below).

bdc is configured and updated with latest defs.  It is run by Mailscanner
but when bitdefender finds a virus mailscanner doesn't detect it.  bdc exits
with 1 when a virus is found and zero when its clean.

I did a test where I allowed *.exe files in attachments and sent an infected
message. Bitdefender found sven in the app.exe attachment and listed it in
the report and exited with 1.  Mailscanner said it was clean and went
happily onward.

what does Mailscanner want out of a *wrapper script?  Nonzero for virus
found? or does it parse the report?

Also, should I have bitdefender do the disinfection deletion?  Seems to me
that MailScanner does that based on output from the virus scanner.

Thank you for your suggestions...

Oh and for those who care...
the new version of Bitdefender will recognize eicars now.

BDC/Linux-Console v7.0 (build 2489) (i386) (Sep 23 2003 13:27:21)
Copyright (C) 1996-2003 SOFTWIN SRL. All rights reserved.

/tmp/testing  infected: EICAR-Test-File (not a virus)

Folders           :0
Files             :1
Packed            :0
Infected files    :1
Suspect files     :0
Warnings          :0
Identified viruses:1
I/O errors        :0

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