Panda 7.0.1 and MailScanner

Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Oct 13 19:30:25 IST 2003

At 19:21 13/10/2003, you wrote:
>You do need login credentials to update the virus signatures. I dont know
>if Julians script does this as I havent seen one? There is no panda-
>autoupdate or am I missing something? There is a script available at
> if someone wants to use it as a
>template for a panda-autoupdate (Julian?)

Will try to take a look when I have time.

>I find the panda-wrapper script quite hard to follow as much of it is in
>Spanish. Has anyone constructed/adjusted the script to work with pavcl

Please see earlier postings in the
Subject: Re: Panda 7.0.1 and MailScanner {Scanned}
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