Panda 7.0.1 and MailScanner

Tony Johansson tony.johansson at SVENSKAKYRKAN.SE
Mon Oct 13 19:21:23 IST 2003

I got hold of a very nice and helpful sales rep from
He put me up with a "real" account, valid for 30 days to evaluate pavcl.
I've read about others misfortune with Panda earlier, looks like I just got

You do need login credentials to update the virus signatures. I dont know
if Julians script does this as I havent seen one? There is no panda-
autoupdate or am I missing something? There is a script available at if someone wants to use it as a
template for a panda-autoupdate (Julian?)

I find the panda-wrapper script quite hard to follow as much of it is in
Spanish. Has anyone constructed/adjusted the script to work with pavcl

Regards, Tony

On Mon, 13 Oct 2003 08:16:25 -0700, Nathan Johanson
<nathan at TCPNETWORKS.NET> wrote:

>Just curious, how did you go about getting an evaluation license of this
>product? Was there a magic sequence of clicks on the web site, or did
>you simply call a sales rep and request one?
>Also, can you please confirm whether login credentials are needed in
>order to update the virus signatures? If this is the case, does Julian's
>autoupdate script take this into account?
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>Sent: Monday, October 13, 2003 4:31 AM
>Subject: Re: Panda 7.0.1 and MailScanner
>Was this solved in any way?
>I just recently got a panda evaluation license and downloaded pavcl
>which doesnt seem to work with the latest MailScanner.
>Also, there is a panda signature update script available at
> , could this be made into a panda-
>autoupdate MailScanner script perhaps?
>regards, Tony
>On Mon, 6 Oct 2003 12:26:29 +0100, Pedro Rosa <pedro.rosa at SA.FC.UL.PT>
>>Hi there.
>> I used to run panda anti-virus version 6.5.x with Mailscanner. Now
>>updated to version 7.0.1 and MailScanner can't acknowledge the virus
>>panda really finds (i know that it finds it because it puts it on the
>>files at /var/log/panda).
>> Maybe a wrapper problem?
>>  Thanks for your help.

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