Selectively allow .exe attachments

Walter D. Wyndroski wdwrn at FRIENDLYCITY.NET
Sun Oct 12 18:53:15 IST 2003

I have a customer who 'must' receive an .exe attachment periodically from there parent company. The parent company said they would not rename the attachment ant told their remote branch (my customer) to either have the ISP fix it or find another service provider.

I'm thinking I can add a rule set in place of the .exe rule entry in the filename.rules.conf. Is this feasible, and if so may I have a brief example.

Would it be better to make a rule for .exe which refers to another rule file then:
    1) In that rule file, say if To: customer at  'another rule.file'  and 'Default deny'
    2) Then in the another rule.file say From: parent branch accept' and deny the rest.

I know that is not the complete syntx, but just a brief example. Is this worth pursuing or should I let it go?

Thank you in advance.

Walt Wyndroski
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