Using Sendmail Queue Groups & Per User

Ken Anderson ka at PACIFIC.NET
Thu Oct 9 23:53:48 IST 2003

Jim Flowers wrote:

> And yes, across 10,000+ users with a couple hundred domains, there are
> quite a few who feel that they can handle their own virus scanning needs
> or that their mail is too important to lose, virus or not.
> It also occurs to me that queue groups could be used to direct inbound
> messages for specific addresses, FQDN or domain name parts and direct them
> to specific queues where each queue-runner could be configured for
> mailscanner or for any number of different strategies.
> But the main  thing that I am looking for is to configure an efficient,
> flexible mail relay that can select virus and/or spam scanning on a per
> domain and per user basis.

I'm already splitting multiple recipients at the MTA level using queue
groups, but I'm interested in what you are doing. Can you post your
changes to or I like the idea of whitelisting
at the MTA level. It would save MS/SA some work.

Also, it would be nice to put messages that are sent to multiple
recipients and ARE split into single recipient messages by sendmail into
lower priority mailscanner queues, since 99% of them are spam. When a
MTA is configured to split messages, and it gets hit by 1000 x 10 recip
per messages spams, it tends to put quite a load on the system as they
are all expanded to 10 x 1000 messages, scanned and deleted or quarantined.

Ken A.

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