Performance question

Alan Fiebig mailscanner at ELKNET.NET
Wed Oct 8 18:39:54 IST 2003

>Isolate where the slowdown is - ie disable SA and see what happens.. Reduce
>the number of messages scanned in MailScanner.conf. Check your logs too..

I ran some tests, here are the results:

1,300/10 min    virus:on        spam:on
1,500/10 min    virus:off       spam:on
6,300/10 min    virus:on        spam:off

I examined the log, during these tests, there were no timeouts for SA or the virus engine.
Everything is completeing, just slowly, despite there being plenty of system resources.

As you can see, bypassing spamassassin greatly speeds up the process, which is to be
expected. So, how can I get spamassassin to process faster, considering that there is
RAM and tons of processor resources idle?


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