automatic queue run on hanging virus scanner update

Michael Weiser michael at DINSNAIL.NET
Wed Oct 8 10:02:01 IST 2003

On Wed, 8 Oct 2003, Antony Stone wrote:

> > It's a Linux box still running mailscanner 4.23 and the hanging update was
> > antivir. pstree showed that the antivir executable itself was hanging, not
> > MailScanner or the antivir-update/wrapper script.
> I thought all the wrapper scripts had been recently updated to ensure that a
> hanging update process was detected and gracefully aborted after a fairly
> short time, in order to avoid mail queuing up on a server?
As I wrote, it's 4.23. I saw that 4.24 is out just today when I checked
the FAQ and mailing list archives because of my problem but haven't had
the time to update yet. And it is a hard to reproduce error condition.

> > The actual hanging wasn't too bad because it's a low volume site.  Indeed
> > I'd rather configure it to hang completely but not bypass spam checks.
> That's not a solution most people would be happy with :)
I agree. Preventing the hang is better although this might end up
unnoticed and virus signatures not being updated for an extended period of
time. This obviously isn't as bad as having delivery stop but at least
this way you notice for sure. ;)
bye, Micha

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