OT : Clarkconnect

Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Tue Oct 7 16:32:10 IST 2003

> The final words from here. Ask Clarkconnect. I have told 
> them, that I've
> been treated for using a licensed CC2.0, but that they have to discuss
> any problems with you.
> Sorry you good people of this board. I think there's a person, that
> needs to apollogies for his use ot the bandwith of the MailScanner
> mailinglist.
> And with this dear members, these were my final words to the subject.
> --
> /Erik

I accept offering apologies, since I'm off-topic.  But I didn't attack anyone.  I was trying to help, but unfortunately, you don't understand my sayings and take it badly.

I agree.  What your are doing with your licence is 100% legal and ethical.
It is on your way to think about licensing and buying software that might need some adjustment.  I wanted to help you understand it, but you didn't want my help.
I agree.  It is best to leave it here. 

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