FYI-What I did - was Post MailScanner processing actions question

Tue Oct 7 15:38:26 IST 2003

First, thanks for all of the replies and ideas.

I ended up running with the procmail recipe using individual .procmailrc

I liked Martin's idea of turning it on or off using a web page.  I'll
have to look into that in more detail.

The reason I went with the procmail solution instead of multiple
mailboxes is the simplicity.

(1) don't have to change anything on the server
(2) easier to manage (only create one login and see above)
(3) easier for customers.  (they don't have to remember another
username, as they already use squirrelmail)
(4) procmail is fast (at least from what I've seen)

To prevent having huge spam folders in the user's home, I'll write a
cron job that dumps the spam every Wednesday.

Have a good day!


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