Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Tue Oct 7 09:57:51 IST 2003

The file you unpack: does its name end in ".rpm.tar.gz"? If so, that's the
RPM distribution, which is the one you should be using on a RedHat 9 server.

At 19:31 06/10/2003, you wrote:
>I tried today to upgrade via the upgrade_Mailscanner_conf file. I'm not
>sure with of the 2 options I shall choose, as I always unpack the tar.gz
>file using Midnight Commander on my Clarkconnect RedHat 9.0 server.
>After the the package has been opened and shows the directory name, I
>copy the whole content to /opt, where its placed as /opt/Mailscanner-4.24-5.
>I think I just have to rename the 2 directories where the old and the
>new MailScanner are placed ?.
>What is difficult is to state, which of the 2 ones -rpm or tar.gz I have
>used. I am quite sure its the last one, as I unpacked it using the MC as
>mentioned uo the lines.
>Can anyone help me to get it clear to me ?.
>If you are using the RPM distributions then try this:
>cd /etc/MailScanner
>upgrade_MailScanner_conf MailScanner.conf MailScanner.conf.rpmnew >
>mv MailScanner.conf MailScanner.old
>mv MailScanner.new  MailScanner.conf
>If you are using the tar distribution so that the old version is in
>/opt/MailScanner and the new one is in /opt/MailScanner.new then:
>cd /opt/MailScanner.new/etc
>../bin/upgrade_MailScanner_conf /opt/MailScanner/etc/MailScanner.conf
>/opt/MailScanner.new/etc/MailScanner.conf > MailScanner.new
>mv MailScanner.conf MailScanner.old
>mv MailScanner.new  MailScanner.conf

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