OT : Clarkconnect

Erik Jakobsen eja at URBAKKEN.DK
Tue Oct 7 05:32:44 IST 2003

Ugo Bellavance wrote:
> Hi Eric,

Hi Ugo.

>         If you have a successful install of MailScanner on your Clarkconnect box, maybe you

> should share it on the FAQ's http://ccfaq.valar.co.uk/.  I wrote an article on MailScanner

>on this site, but didn't provide install/upgrade/configure information since I'm working with

> plain RH9 boxes.

Yes I run with the 4.23-11 version of MailScanner on the CC2.0 pro.
But there's non special install/upgrad/configure setting it up on the
Clarkconnect server.

Its just set up as I presume it would be on your RH system.

Please comment that if you have any comments for it.

> Another thing... are you using your CC Box in a business or for personal use?

I use it personal.

> You should't be using it for commercial purposes if it is the home edition...

Its not the home version as said.

> http://www.clarkconnect.org/info/index.html

> "Home Edition
> The good news about this edition: it's free for non-commercial use!  However, the software is

> provided without support and some features are not available.".
> Sorry to disappoint you if it is the case, but it isn't too hard to install most of the

> packages used by Clarkconnect on a plain RH box.

You are not at all disappointing me, but I can see your point with it.
But whatever I use, I want to pay for it. Then there never can be
anything to claim on. As I am not using it for professional use, it was
available for a fair price.

Beside this its good for a first time user to have support on it.

> Ugo



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