OT : Clarkconnect

Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Tue Oct 7 01:27:28 IST 2003

Hi Eric,

        If you have a successful install of MailScanner on your Clarkconnect box, maybe you should share it on the FAQ's http://ccfaq.valar.co.uk/.  I wrote an article on MailScanner on this site, but didn't provide install/upgrade/configure information since I'm working with plain RH9 boxes.

Another thing... are you using your CC Box in a business or for personal use?

You should't be using it for commercial purposes if it is the home edition...


"Home Edition
The good news about this edition: it's free for non-commercial use!  However, the software is provided without support and some features are not available.".  

Sorry to disappoint you if it is the case, but it isn't too hard to install most of the packages used by Clarkconnect on a plain RH box.  


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