Post MailScanner processing actions question...

Tue Oct 7 01:33:25 IST 2003

All of our mailboxes are POP3 mailboxes.  (99.99 percent Windows/OE
users).  We have Squirrelmail as our web based mail interface.

My goal is to have each user's {spam?} tagged mail go into a spam folder
for them.  This way they can log in using Squirrelmail and check their
spam folder from time to time.  I don't want the SPAM to actually hit
their "inbox" to be downloaded POP3.

The deliver option just sends it to the mailbox unless I'm missing
something.  I already have a forward going to an ISP wide spam box that
I sift through daily to run the sa-learn script.


>> Hi,

I think you just add "deliver" in your Spam Actions in MailScanner.conf
and for High-Scoring Spam Actions.

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