XMail support?

Sasa Stupar sasa at STUPAR.HOMELINUX.NET
Mon Oct 6 08:21:04 IST 2003

Kevin Spicer wrote:

> On Mon, 2003-10-06 at 07:31, Sasa Stupar wrote:
>>I can bind sendmail to listen to specific ip and port.
>>Is there any chance to configure it to use MailScanner?
> The basic requirement for an MTA to work with MailScanner is that it has
> a queue-only mode and a queue running mode, and that these could be
> configured to work with different queues.  It would also need to save
> queue files in a format recognised by MailScanner (such as sendmail
> df/qf pairs).  If (and thats a big IF) it meets those requirements you
> may be in luck, if it doesn't meet the second requirement then you might
> be able to hack support in (or perhaps lobby Julian to add support).  If
> it doesn't meet the first requirement then you are out of luck (unless
> the xmail authors are receptive to adding that functionality).  But it
> might just be easier to change MTA?  I did notice on the xmail page that
> there are antivirus and spamassassin filters for xmail, you might like
> to look at them.

Currently I am using those filters but I would like to have a try for
MailScanner. I will try it myself for now to see. Normally it should
work cause it uses sendmail (well striped down one).
If I succed I put it on the list.


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