Exchange blocking duplicate messages?

Hirsh, Joshua joshua.hirsh at PARTNERSOLUTIONS.CA
Fri Oct 3 15:24:42 IST 2003

Hey all,

 Has anyone run into the case where an Exchange 5.5 server will block
messages with the same Message-ID field? In my case, if I release a message
from the quarantine, some users will never get it. It appears that it's
because Exchange ignores the message since it already received one with the
same Message-ID (which was sent notifying the user that the attachment was

 I was able to reproduce it by manually sending SMTP commands to Exchange
and sent a message with the same Message-ID a few times. In all cases, only
the first one went through.

 It's definately more of an Exchange issue, but I'm hoping some of you might
have run into this before :)


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