sa learn with hundred of users on a gateway box

Marco Obaid marco at MUW.EDU
Thu Oct 2 15:09:43 IST 2003


> What version of IMP do you use? We also use IMP but I don't have such a
> button. Have you implemented it yourself?

I use IMP 3.2 and I believe this feature has always been there even in IMP 2.x.
At any rate, go to your ../horde/imp/config and open conf.php.

Here is my section in conf.php:

 ** Spam Reporting

// Should we display a "report this message as spam" link in the
// message view?
$conf['spam']['reporting'] = true;

// If so, where should those messages be reported to?
$conf['spam']['email'] = 'spam@' . $GLOBALS['registry']->getPara('server_name');

Hope this helps


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