Two Installations of Perl!

Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Thu Oct 2 00:56:41 IST 2003

At 06:55 PM 10/1/2003, greyhair wrote:
>I know it is EVIL to have two installations of perl.  My server is, i
>guess, possessed.
>Question: how to I tell the system to use one version over the other??

This is a common side effect of a buggy version of CPAN. Sometimes older
versions of CPAN would decide to upgrade perl itself in order to install a
new package.

I had a redhat 7.1 box do this to me when I upgraded SA via cpan. It went
and installed a second (newer) copy of perl in /usr/local.

My personal solution was to do the following

1) blow away the whole copy of perl in /usr/local/. All the binaries,
libraries, etc.. I just rm em.
2) ran cpan (now using my real copy of perl) and used it to upgrade cpan
itself. This went smoothly.
3) Then I went and re-installed SA in the correct copy of perl.

note: this may not be the best way for you to deal with it, since you may
have installed many things into the wrong perl.

An alternate short-term solution would be to remove /usr/local/bin (or
wherever the alternate perl is) from your path.. unfortunately that affects
everything in /usr/local/bin.

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