Strip HTML weirdness

Spicer, Kevin Kevin.Spicer at BMRB.CO.UK
Wed Oct 1 15:22:28 IST 2003

Julian Field wrote:
> Can you make sure they are not very long URLs that are being split
> into multiple lines by Outlook?

No, thats not the case, heres a short extract from the particular mail thats generated complaints (lots of my users are on this list).  A couple of curious things 1) The urls are truncated, 2) The URLS are surrounded by <>.  The message was tagged as spam and converted to an attachment, but was low scoring spam - which is not set to be stripped - although it looks from the logs that it also triggered one of the dangerous html rules (which are set to strip content).  I think the original is online here (although the links are relative in the source of that).

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