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Sat Nov 29 17:29:18 GMT 2003

At 17:09 29/11/2003, you wrote:
> > >  I had to change the code status in to make Trend
>work at
> > > all with MS.
> >
> > That's why it is still Beta. What changes did you have to make? What
> > version of trend are you using?
> >
>My wording may have been misleading, I should have said "I had to change
> to make MS (4.24-5) work with Trend. I had to change
>     SupportScanning     => $S_SUPPORTED,
>     SupportDisinfect    => $S_SUPPORTED,

See the "Minimum Code Status" configuration option. You don't need to
change the code at all.

>under "trend" virus scanners. No changes to Trend were needed, just the
>pathnames in virus.scanners.conf to point to /etc/iscan (this is the
>default location to trend's vscan, and according to Trend, vscan and all
>apps should always be launched from /etc/iscan directory regardless of
>platform). I would recommend that the default path for
>virus.scanners.conf reflect this. I also had to edit trend-wrapper to
>change the paths there as well (removing /bin/ from pathname references)

Can you give me a list of the files and their installation directories? I
currently assume
/pack/trend/bin/vscan is the executable, and
/pack/trend/lib is where the libraries are, and
/etc/iscan is where the config files are.

I didn't write the trend-autoupdate script and that seems to be
inconsistent. If I can get a list of everything then I can sort out all the
paths involved. It is for reasons such as this, that it has not previously
been listed as supported. Looks like it still isn't quite settled either.

>I see that the default code status for Trend vscan is now SUPPORTED in
>the MS 4.25-11 as was just released today.
>We are using Trend InterScan Virus Wall v3.8's vscan component (with
>updated scan engine)
>Virus Scanner v3.1, VSAPI v6.510-1002
>Trend Micro Inc. 1996,1997
> > >  Secondly, how do I disable MS's autoupdate when using trend as it is
> > > needed.
> >
> > You could just delete (or probably even chmod 0000)
> > /usr/lib/MailScanner/trend-autoupdate.
>I removed /etc/cron.hourly/update_virus_scanners. It would be more
>politically correct to remove trend-autoupdate instead, but since we're
>using Trend for pattern updates it's redundant. We have to be strict
>about keeping things legal with virus scanners on an email gateway
>machine (per user costs), licensing for products like Sophos are not the
>same as for a standalone server. Trend offers a hefty discount for
>educational institutions.
>PS: For anyone thinking about purchasing InterScan Virus Wall I would
>highly discourage it. Their SMTP email gateway virus scanner (an
>alternative to MailScanner) is very unreliable. Trend will only support
>RH 7.3 (which as far as most people are concerned, is obsolete,
>especially so after redhat discontinues product updates for the non-
>enterprise products December 31/03 and April 31/04 for RH9). MailScanner
>has proven reliable for us for almost 2 years
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