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Jason jason at ROBARTS.CA
Fri Nov 28 19:58:48 GMT 2003


I've installed MailScanner 4.24-5 on Redhat Enterprise Linux ES 3.0 with
Trend InterScan Virus Wall 3.8 for Linux and everything is working. I had to
install the C++ compatibility libraries to make trend work (provided with
installation media)

We receive approx 10000 emails per day (40% of which are spam)

Trend is successfuly detecting viruses and quarantining them to the proper
directory. I use our Trend ISVW site license to make use of the interscan
web console in ISVW which auto-updates virus patterns from Trend on a
daily/hourly/specified basis (but this ONLY works with a valid s/n in

My question is when will the code status for Trend in MS change from Alpha
to Supported? I had to change the code status in to make
Trend work at all with MS. Secondly, how do I disable MS's autoupdate when
using trend as it is not needed.

Might I add as a side note for everyone that Redhat has removed the
MySQL-server completely from the product (as well as PostGreSQL-server). Now
included are only the SQL clients, how useless is that?

Thank you in advance,

Jason Sauve
Systems Administrator
Robarts Research Institute
100 Perth Drive
London, ON N6A 5K8
jason at

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