SpamAssassin RBL details

Daniel Kleinsinger danielk at AVALONPUB.COM
Fri Nov 28 09:27:41 GMT 2003

SA runs RBL checks on all the IPs in the received headers except for
hosts on "trusted networks".  In case you were wondering, Mailscanner's
built-in RBL checks only check the connecting IP and thus aren't
appropriate for your config (unless Julian's changed them recently).
You should be fine using SA's RBL checks.


David Hooton wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a question about how the SpamAssassin RBL's work.
> We have an SMTP proxy running in front of MailScanner on our mail
> server, I am wanting to turn RBL checking on, but seeing as all
> connections are seen as arriving from by MailScanner I'm not
> sure if the RBL's will work.
> Can someone explain to me how the RBL checks are performed?  Does it
> look at all the relaying IP's in the headers or does it use the
> connecting IP and therefore only see
> All help appreciated!
> Regards,
> David Hooton
> Senior Partner
> Platform Hosting
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