SpamAssassin RBL details

David Hooton david at PLATFORMHOSTING.COM
Fri Nov 28 09:12:35 GMT 2003

Jan-Peter Koopmann wrote:
>>as all connections are seen as arriving from by
>>MailScanner I'm not sure if the RBL's will work.

> That does not make sense.

Actually it does..  The SMTP proxy connects to the MailScanner/Sendmail
install and shows the connecting IP as in the sendmail logs.

>>Can someone explain to me how the RBL checks are performed?
>>Does it look at all the relaying IP's in the headers or does
>>it use the connecting IP and therefore only see
> AFAIK it i inspecting all "Received" header lines.

Thanks!  Exactly what I was wanting to know, so this should mean that
all relaying IP's will be checked as long as they are in the Received
field - am I correct?


David Hooton
Senior Partner
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