SpamAssassin RBL details

Jan-Peter Koopmann Jan-Peter.Koopmann at SECEIDOS.DE
Fri Nov 28 08:52:05 GMT 2003

Hi David,
> We have an SMTP proxy running in front of MailScanner on our 
> mail server, I am wanting to turn RBL checking on, but seeing 
> as all connections are seen as arriving from by 
> MailScanner I'm not sure if the RBL's will work.

That does not make sense. MailScanner is not working on IP based but
file based. The MTA is receiving the mail via IP and is recording from
which IP it receives the mail. Are you saying this is so all
e-mail you receive is sent by your machine itself? The only other
possibilities I know in which this would happen is using fetchmail to
retrieve POP3/IMAP mails and send it to the MTA or using stunnel (for
using SMTP SSL AUTH with some braindead MS MUAs).

> Can someone explain to me how the RBL checks are performed?  
> Does it look at all the relaying IP's in the headers or does 
> it use the connecting IP and therefore only see

AFAIK it i inspecting all "Received" header lines.


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