Complete Virus Scanner Review

Nathan Johanson nathan at TCPNETWORKS.NET
Wed Nov 26 15:17:03 GMT 2003

Frankly, I didn't read their license. I don't usually make reading the license a part of my purchasing decisions. 
I usually go by what I read on their web site or what I hear from their customer representatives. In some of my followup posts to this review, I noted that product descriptions on F-Secure's web site were inconsisent and contradictory. I also sent notice of this to my contact there. This ambiguity was enough to scratch them off my list. I didn't feel the need to investigate it any further. Any product description they make public (either by posting it on their site and voicing it over the phone) should accurately reflect their license (and apparently this wasn't the case). Don't know if they have since fixed this.
It looks like you might be conducting your own review of the various antivirus packages. If you find any more information or if my information was incomplete (as is the case here), please post all of your findings once you've made your purchasing decision. I (and everyone else) may find this useful.

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	> F-Secure
	> F-Secure Anti-Virus for Servers for Linux
	> Licensing Model: Per Server
	> Cost: $328.71 per server (as quoted on web site)
	> Evaluation version available upon request.
	> Quote from product description:
	> F-Secure Anti-Virus 4.51 for Linux uses multiple scanning
	> engines (F-Prot, AVP, Orion) to ensure flawless protection
	> against viruses in the wild.
	> The command line scanner provides a versatile and powerful
	> tool that works both as a user-invoken command and as a
	> platform for automated antivirus systems. Detailed reporting 
	> and return codes ensure easy integration with third party
	> mail scanners such as AMaViS (A Mail Virus Scanner).
	> Notes: F-Secure was very receptive to my inquiries. Oddly
	> enough, when I first started investigating their product,
	> they used a per-user licensing model (which was prohibitively
	> expensive for us). I called to see if they would consider
	> licensing alternatives (and explained how we would use the
	> product in conjunction with MailScanner). I ended up talking
	> to a very reception sales director in San Jose, California.
	> Within a week, they were offering a version of their scanner
	> at $328.71 per server intended for exactly our purposes. It
	> is unclear if my discussions with them had anything to do
	> with this recent offering, but it's good news nonetheless.
	This is what the license in the trial says:
	 stated in the F-Secure License Certificate. In case the Software or
	  its services are shared through a network or the Software is used to
	  protect traffic from viruses or other malicious code at email servers,
	  firewalls or gateways, You must have a license for the total number of
	  users whom the Software provides services to. In that case You may
	  install the Software on as many units as needed.
	I think this pretty clearly states, that you have to buy a license per
	user and not per server...  Is that not true?

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