Blank emails

Mark Carbonaro mark.carbonaro at IT.ALSTOM.COM.AU
Tue Nov 25 23:24:42 GMT 2003

I am having a problem where users are receiving blank emails, a check of the
senders sent items shows the correct message.  This only happens when when
the spam checks are enabled in MailScanner, users report about 2 emails per
day coming through blank.  If the remote user resends the same email it
usually comes through without an issue.

The headers of the emails seem to be intact except they are missing the Spam
headers and anything after, most other emails come through with the spam
headers and everything is fine.

Looking through the logs shows no problems and the log entries say the email
has been delivered (although it came through with an empty message body).
As it is a random problem I can't run MailScanner in debug mode as I need to
it keep running but logging debug output somewhere (I know it will be slow,
but I need more information).

Also Where does the debug output go when "Debug SpamAssassin = yes" is set?

I have had a look through the list archives but I can't find anything
similar to the problem I am having, if anyone could help I would really
appreciate it.  Please let me know if you need more information.

I am using:
* Postfix 2.0.11
* MailScanner 4.24-5
* SpamAssassin 2.60


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