Opt-out as default for SpamAssassin?

Brett Charbeneau brett at WRL.ORG
Tue Nov 25 18:46:42 GMT 2003

I've scoured the list archives and docs, but I'm missing the nugget of
info that I need... =8^(


        First of all MailScanner rocks! Obviously, lots of hard work went
into this - MANY thanks to all those who have worked on this wonderful
        Second, the specifics, MailScanner 4.24-5, Sendmail 8.11.6
(patched), procmail 3.21, perl 5.6.1.
        Third, my question.
        I'd like to set up MailScanner so that SpamAssassin does NOTHING
for users at my domain (WRL.ORG) as the default, and allow some users to
opt-in to the MS/SA cha-cha-cha. Here's how I've gone about it so far:
        I've tried setting up a spam.bydomain whitelist file called
"wrl.org" with this in it:

To:     *@wrl.org

        Which should whitelist everything coming to any user in the
WRL.ORG domain, no?
        And in the same directory, making a file called "brett at wrl.org"
with this in it:


        to whitelist all internal email for my account.
        But, with this in place, all my users still get their SPAM marked
with the {Spam?} in the Subject line. Again, I'd like the default to
have MS just leaving incoming mail alone.
        SO, I added

Spam Actions = /etc/MailScanner/spam.actions.conf

        to my MailScanner.conf file and put this in the
"spam.actions.conf" file:

To:     brett at wrl.org           deliver

        But clearly this file needs something as a "default" action, which
I would like to be nothing, at least for SpamAssassin.
        I'd be VERY grateful for any suggestions anyone can offer!


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