Any significant changes to the Spamassassin interaction code? (Alpha runs Mailscanner buggily now)

Julian Field mailscanner at
Mon Nov 24 11:38:10 GMT 2003

At 11:21 24/11/2003, you wrote:
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>Julian Field wrote:
>| There have been a few subtle changes, yes.
>| I plan to produce a new version this weekend, so I would hold off
>| for a week...
>Very strange indeed. Would they influence Mail processing ina  way that
>the load climbs up to 20 and higher?

Real load, or merely adding to the value reported by uptime/top?

>I changed absolutely _nothing_ merely upgraded the MailScanner
>installation. This actually did start out with the latest stable
>release, it just got worse now.

In, kill -15 and kill -9 were replaced with kill 15 and kill 9, as
the previous negative numbers should not have worked due to the forked off
processes not being in their own process group.

Julian Field
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