Holger gebhard at EPOST.DE
Sun Nov 23 13:41:58 GMT 2003


i have a little question...
Maybe someone can help me?

My System:

Debian 3.0
MailScanner 4.24-5 with Postfix
SpamAssassin 2.60
Clamav 0.60

I use MailScanner with RBL- and Spamassassin Checks.
For Example sometimes I receive a Spammessage from: lrs at

This Message is trapped by Spamassassin and found in some RBL-Databases.
MailScanner bounce back the Message to sender with a Spamreport.

Then the Sender also bounces the Message back to me with this Message:

This is an autoresponder. I'll never see your message.

Now, there is the Problem......

The Incoming Bouncemessage (from sender lrs at also found in some
RBL-Databases. MailScanner now bounce back the Bouncemessage with a
Spamreport. Then the Sender repeatly send a bouncemessage...

=> Endless Mailloop

In this case i sometimes have over 5000 Mails in my Inbox...

The only way to stop the Mailloop I found yet is to add:

From:  delete

in HighScoring Spam Actions...

This is the fourth time i receive this Type of Messages (different

Is there to a way to check for a Mailloop in Mailscanner or Postfix?

Thanks for Help


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