Custom Settings Per-User

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Sat Nov 22 20:48:05 GMT 2003


You could look into implementing some of the more advance rulesets.
Depending on how many users you have this can be either easy or very painful

Have a look at /etc/MailScanner/rules/EXAMPLES


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> Subject: Custom Settings Per-User
> Heyya all
> Is it possible to have MailScanner 'tag and deliver' for some users
> and 'bounce and delete' for other users?  What I have is I am currently
> just tagging and delivering for all users.  Some users would have stated
> that they do not want any mail being tagged as spam and have no complaints
> with the job SpamAssassin/MailScanner is doing in detecting spam
> correctly.  So, I would like to be able to have a exceptions list of
> sorts.  So that MailScanner would follow the standard tagging rules unless
> someone is setup differently to have the spam bounced instead.
> Thanks in advance.
> Doug Morris
> One Web Place

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