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Wed Nov 19 11:51:32 GMT 2003

At 11:23 19/11/2003, you wrote:
>Hi Julian,
>I think the problem was on some missing vdl files and link on /opt/Sophos/ide
>in fact when I run /opt/Sophos/bin/sophoswrapper /opt/Sophos I got "Error
>missing parts of main virus data"

In which case I suspect you were using an old version of Sophos.install.

>now it seems working, but just a question:
>that configuration is installed on a Webmail (IMP version 2.2.10)
>I noticed that if I send a mail from my account (webmail localhost) to my
>account, sending Eicar file for instance,
>the file is not blocked by MS ..

You need to configure your webmail system to always send mail via an SMTP
server which is called "localhost". IMP can do this very easily.

>while if I try to send it from an external account to my webmail account,
>the MS works and catch Virus.
>sorry if maybe I didn't send enough information, but I'm not the person
>who installed that configuration, please ask for any information or file
>you might need
>I have
>         -- bin
>         -- lib
>         -- ide
>         -- etc
>         -- var
>         -- bin
>running MS version 4.23-11 on Slackware 7.2
>IMP Webmail version 2.2.10

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