MS+ Sophos +Webmail

Gioia Bastioni gioia at
Wed Nov 19 11:23:40 GMT 2003

Hi Julian, 
I think the problem was on some missing vdl files and link on /opt/Sophos/ide
in fact when I run /opt/Sophos/bin/sophoswrapper /opt/Sophos I got "Error missing parts of main virus data" 
now it seems working, but just a question:
that configuration is installed on a Webmail (IMP version 2.2.10)
I noticed that if I send a mail from my account (webmail localhost) to my account, sending Eicar file for instance,
the file is not blocked by MS ..
while if I try to send it from an external account to my webmail account, the MS works and catch Virus.
sorry if maybe I didn't send enough information, but I'm not the person who installed that configuration, please ask for any information or file you might need

I have 
        -- bin
        -- lib
        -- ide
        -- etc
        -- var
        -- bin
running MS version 4.23-11 on Slackware 7.2
IMP Webmail version 2.2.10 

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