another CustomConfig IPblock question

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Tue Nov 18 15:09:09 GMT 2003

The docs very carefully don't mention how to do subnets, because you can't
The code for that will need quite a rewrite to do this, it's all currently
just keyed off the IP address, and needs to be keyed off the list entry
containing the corresponding rule.

At 13:57 18/11/2003, you wrote:
>The IPBlock comments aren't clear on this point and periods
>(you say "full stop" right?) tend to be important in IP subnets,
>so...  If I want to set a limit on a class C subnet, do I do
>it like:
>137.146.210     1000
>137.146.210.    1000
>            ^
>Likewise, would a class A subnet be:
>218             1000
>218.            1000
>    ^
>or something else?  Does IPBlock speak regex?
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