Who owns MIME::Tools? [Was: Re: Error Starting MS in Debog mode]

Peter Bonivart peter at UCGBOOK.COM
Mon Nov 17 17:57:30 GMT 2003

I thought of a simpler solution. The RPM:s already contain the patched
versions (so I've heard), so why not patch the module on the MailScanner
site? It's already there for downloading for us using the
tar-distribution and since it hasn't changed for a while it would be
easier for everyone if it was already patched. Now the documentation
lists the original MIME:Tools and the four patches and documentation for
patching it, but people will still ask for the commands to patch it, I
know because I did and I just answered related questions this weekend

To replace all that with the already patched version would be great.
Just call it MIME-tools-5.411patched.tar.gz or something.

I'm referring to this page:


/Peter Bonivart

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David Lee wrote:
> I know we've discussed it several months ago but....
> This topic of "MIME::Tools" patches keeps tripping up MS folk, and causing
> a constant background trickle of problems.  And for new MS folk, it gets
> them off to a rocky start with the MS product, potentially giving MS a
> poorer name than the excellent one it undoubtedly deserves.
> Is there no way that we (the MS community) can either encourage the
> MIME::Tools authors to update the code, or to adopt "MIME::Tools"
> ourselves?  (Obviously when I write "we", I mean "one of us except me"!)

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