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Mon Nov 17 16:36:42 GMT 2003

New Guestbook-Entry from Robert

NE UK. I liked the fetchmail/procmail marriage, not too many problems with them. Then we adopted bogofilter and after an initial success, the marriage fell apart. (fetchmail got to keep the emails, procmail went into a huff and wouldn\'\'t talk to anyone, bogofilter was sent to a home)  After the hicup I decided to try out MailScanner (just a change of bed I suppose). Works well, spamassassin keeps snarling at me but thats not your fault.<br />
<BR><br />
<BR>I\'\'m having a bit of trouble finding where to adjust the rules of MailScanner though. The rules folder seems to be just From/To based. All the examples I\'\'ve seen only use those two.<br />
<BR><br />
<BR>MailScanner for some reason decided my boss is a rogue who\'\'s emails are likely to be dodgy, that\'\'s real clever, how did it know?

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