New functionality?

Kearney, Rob RKearney at AZERTY.COM
Mon Nov 17 14:54:43 GMT 2003

After having some internal problems with my exchange server(cringe), which
our MailScanner server, must forward all mail to afterwards, I thought of
some cleaver ideas, perhaps they are not original, but here is something I
would like to see:

MailScanner to have the ability to specify separate outbound directories,
and therefore Queue runners for the different levels of Mail:  1 for
Non-Spam, 1 for Spam, 1 for High-Scoring Spam.

so.. i.e. (sendmail)

                /var/spool/mqueue for non-spam email
                /var/spool/mqueue.spam for spam email
                /var/spool/mqueue.highspam for high scoring email.

And in addition, each queue directory would have a Queue Runner associated
for it.

The reason I see value in this::

        Well, after the problems we had with email, It would have taken
quite a While for our system to recover normally, perhaps over a day with
all the new inbound mail, and all the mail destined for our exchange server.
We had to Shutdown MailScanner, spawn off about 5-10 separate queue runners
in /var/spool/mqueue to catch up, meanwhile, we were building up the
incoming queue, which needed to be flushed afterwards.  If MailScanner was
running with both the inbound Sendmail Daemon, and out bout Queue Runner, It
was going slow on our Compaq DL360G2 which usually has no problems with
normal daily activity, only problems playing catch-up.  The other reason: in
our Business, some emails are Critical, very critical.  and as for Spam,
well, its still needs to be delivered to the quarantine, but I can live with
shutting down their queue runners when we need to catch up. currently all
mail is packed into /var/spool/mqueue, regardless

Any thoughts?


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