Domains with separate Spam-Levels

Wolfgang Hennerbichler mailscanner at WOGRI.AT
Sat Nov 15 22:24:25 GMT 2003

Hi Mailing List Members!

I have the following riddle, I can't solve on my own: I want a setup for
MailScanner (version 4.24-5), in which I want a
per-domain-spam-level-rule. I found this line in MailScanner.conf which
should solve my problem (comment included):

# This replaces the SpamAssassin configuration value 'required_hits'.
# If a message achieves a SpamAssassin score higher than this value,
# it is spam. See also the High SpamAssassin Score configuration option.
# This can also be the filename of a ruleset, so the SpamAssassin
# required_hits value can be set to different values for different
Required SpamAssassin Score = %rules-dir%/spam_score_4_domains.conf

My Problem is: I have no idea what the syntax of THIS rules-file should
look like. MailScanner always complains with this message:
Syntax error in line 1 of ruleset file
/etc/MailScanner/rules/spam_score_4_domains.conf for keyword

Could anybody please give me a clue?


wogri at

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