Pete russell pete at EATATHOME.COM.AU
Sat Nov 15 21:20:11 GMT 2003

Don't want to take too much more of anyone's valuable time, but I just
needed to say thanks for all the help I have received via this list.

Until last week we had only SAV for Lotus Domino installed on our mail
gateways, and only doing virus checking, no content checking, and
effectively we were without any anti spam measures at all.

I started looking into an SA based solution and was quickly referred to

Once MS was implemented and scanning and protecting our email
environment we soon learned that we received a LOT of spam we never we

We have discovered that our daily email volume consists of %30 PLUS of
spam and we have one user receiving 300+ spams per day.

But since I am no linux guru I would NEVER have been able to get this
system up and running (and running really well) without the direct and
passive assistance from all of those who participate in this list. While
a lot of people have gone out their way to help me and answer my newbie
questions on this list, many more have helped without knowing, when I
read their solutions and advice from the archives.

MANY thanks to the authors of mailscanner, mailwatch and
mailscanner-mtrg AND all those who help us new users on this list - just

Can I just say to all those who have any problems and are a bit new like
me, SEARCH THE ARCHIVES they are REALLY valuable!

Thanks again

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