Hickel, Stephen [gh372247] smhickel at CHARTERMI.NET
Sat Nov 15 14:52:40 GMT 2003

Interesting, I queried him more and he said his complaint
was that they were getting marked as spam but thought they
should just be rejected and not show up in spam. So, that
begets the question, if it is marked on the blacklist, and
you have forward spam to an email address, does the
blacklist item show up there?

I think the answer is yes.

If he wanted to block the domain entirely, he could just
filter it with his firewall.

He can log at his log file. If he get a e-mail from a
domain he has
blacklisted. He will the word blacklisted in the log file.


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I am always having to figure out where I email from as I
have vmware and
email from different clients. Sometimes I have  to relay to
my home account
isp and other times I can just email out, so I don't know
if this question
got through.

I installed Mailscanner for someone and he tells me his
blacklist doesn't
work. I haven't looked at it yet, but does anyway have any
ideas what I
should be looking for when I look at it? I think he goes
into the headers of
the email he wants stopped and tries to figure out what the
domain is that
is sending the email to him. He puts it into his blacklist
and restarts
mailscanner and spamassasin. He claims it doesn't stop his
blacklist items.



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