MailScanner latest beta breaks scan rules

Bruno Leite brunoq at BIS.COM.BR
Fri Nov 14 18:17:07 GMT 2003


I am having same problem here. I am using rules on "Filename Rules" and
since I upgraded to 4.24-5 or even 4.25-7 the rules don´t work anymore.
For example:

On MailScanner.conf:
Filename Rules = %etc-dir/filename.rules

on filename.rules:
FromOrTo: john at /etc/MailScanner/special.conf
FromOrTo: bob at /etc/MailScanner/special.conf
FromOrTo: paul at /etc/MailScanner/special.conf
FromOrTo: * /etc/MailScanner/general.conf

No matter what I do, John, bob and paul always follow the rules on
general.conf. If I comment the line that has * then they start
to use special.conf.


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