how do you bypass virus scanning?

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Fri Nov 14 17:00:12 GMT 2003

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> At 01:33 14/11/2003, you wrote:
> >Is there a way to configure MailScanner such that emails 
> from a specific
> >address (or keyword in subject line) by-pass the *virus* 
> scanner (but not
> >Spam Filter) for one specific email account on my system?
> Apply a ruleset to "Virus Scanning =".
> Read /etc/MailScanner/rules/* for examples and docs.
> Anyone out there fancy writing a little tutorial on rulesets please?
> This question must get asked about 5 times every day.


        I tried to write a simple tutorial for rules.  Please correct me as I havent written tons of those, and english is not my mother tonge.

1-for every setting that says: "This can also be the 
filename of a ruleset", you can create rules for specific 
users, domain, network (from or to). 

<ToDo> Any other actions or criterias (FromOrTo?)?

2-You just go to the setting you are looking for in /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf.  For example, lets' use the one called "High Scoring Spam Actions = ".  

3-You put the path to the file of the ruleset you want to use (%rules-dir%/high.scoring.rules, for example.
4-You then create the file, and following the pattern in %rules-dir%/EXAMPLES, you build your rules.  You enter your criterias on the left side (Ex. To: and you enter what actions you want on the right (forward user at Don't forget to put a default entry.  What you put on the right-hand side is what will replace the setting in MailScanner.conf, for this criteria.

5-Finally restart or reload MailScanner and test it out.

> >I found the docs on how to "whitelist" a send in regards to 
> bypassing the
> >spam filter, but nothing on how to bypass the virus filter.
> >
> >Ideally, i want to make the exception for just ONE recipient 
> on my system
> >for just ONE sender, but I will take any suggestions.
> >
> >Thanks!
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