Spamassassin timed out

Stephen Swaney steve.swaney at FSL.COM
Fri Nov 14 13:30:02 GMT 2003


Do you have a network load issue, i.e. a backup or large file transfer,
occurring at the same time?

It's my understanding that the SA timeouts occur when tests which use the
network checks fail. This could be congestion on your end or no response
from the respondent of the test

Stephen Swaney
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> Subject: Spamassassin timed out
> In looking at what spam was getting by MS/SA, I noticed a curious
> pattern, where I am always getting 2 Spamassassin Timed out messages,
> roughly 12 hours plus 5-10 minutes apart each day.
> The timing does not seem to be related to server mail load, CRON jobs or
> other obvious processes.
> Any suggestions on where to look for causes?
> Environment: RedHat 8.0, with sendmail, MS 4.22-5 and SA 2.60
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