[Clamav-announce] new ClamAV release (fwd)

Robert Waldner waldner at WALDNER.PRIV.AT
Fri Nov 14 07:13:05 GMT 2003

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003 18:33:30 +0100, Frank Louwers writes:
<clamdscan instead of clamscan>
>just change the wrapper script to use clamdscan instead of clamscan :)
>I modified the script to check if the daemon was running, and use
>clamscan instead.

Did that myself, and it works quite well. *Much* faster than clamscan 

However, I wonder if there's a cheaper (in terms of system calls etc) 
 method of checking if clamd is already running than what I do now:
ps ax | grep -v grep | grep clamd 1>/dev/null 2>/dev/null \
 || /usr/local/bin/clamd -c /etc/clamav.conf

$ClamScan $ExtraScanOptions $ScanOptions "$@"

According to clamd(8) it should be doable with `clamd PING`, however, 
 that doesn't do anything at all.

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