[Clamav-announce] new ClamAV release (fwd)

Spicer, Kevin Kevin.Spicer at BMRB.CO.UK
Thu Nov 13 17:20:35 GMT 2003

Frank Louwers wrote:
> Has anyone done speed tests using the clamd daemon? Using clamdscan
> instead of clamscan? The clamdscan should be faster because it doesn't
> need to parse the virus db each time?
clamd hasn't historically been the most stable daemon ever - the latest release is much better though.  So it was probably a wise move not to use it for MailScanner.  I would imagine that the perl module, which Julian has just added support for, only loads the database when first loaded, so probably offers similar improvements (maybe even better as it doesn't have the overhead of communicating over a socket).

That said I've never had a problem with the start-up speed of clamscan - and the latest version starts immpressively fast. 

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