Mailscanner workhorse (part II)

MailScanner Mailbox mailscan at PRIS.CA
Fri Nov 14 00:32:17 GMT 2003

Hello Raymond

It is now, I had it in local domains by mistake.

Now as this is my first time using mailertable I would just like to verify
a couple of things.

The reason that mail is scanned by MailScanner is that it is handeled by a
queue only daemon and MailScanner processes the mail and puts it in the
outbound queue. Once in the outbound queue sendmail does a lookup in the
mailertable and sends the mail to the specified host.

If this is how it works then I'm thinking that further processing of mail
by say procmail or a custom .forward file would not be done as that is
done by the "local" mailer rather then sendmail.

Or... is there a magic switch or incantation that will allow procamail to
have a stab at it as well.

Thanks for your help

Rick N

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003, Raymond Dijkxhoorn wrote:

> Hi!
> > and in my mailertable file:
> > smtp:[]
> >
> >
> > I ran makemap in dbm format, restart sendmail, no errors in the log and
> > bingo bango all local mail is ending up in local mailboxs rather then
> > being sent to the host I want.
> Stupid question but is also in your relay-domains ?
> Bye,
> Raymond.

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