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No, it just considers it to be 1 big list.

The regexp is actually this, I just checked the code:

At 15:43 13/11/2003, you wrote:
>Julian, Sorry to be dense.
>When you say "It is triggered if it gets _any_ of the valid 127.0.0.x return
>codes" Do you mean that it is triggered irrespective of the number i.e. if I
>Spam Lists To Reach High Score = 2
>it would be triggered even if I got back  Or does it understand
>,,, = 1 hit and so wouldn't trigger
> = 2 hits
>,,, = 3 hits
> = 4 hits
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> >I have a couple of newbie RBL questions:
> >
> >1. If I have MailScanner doing RBL using _only_ MAPS-RBL+ which provides an
> >aggregated service, how does MS handle the score returned by the MAPS-RBL+
> >lookup as the last part of the IP address in the context of the "Spam Lists
> >To Reach High Score" definition.
> >
> >(See
> >http://www.ja.net/CERT/JANET-CERT/mail/mail-abuse/rbl-plus-guide.html#other
> >APS for the explanation of the lookup results)
>It is triggered if it gets any of the valid 127.0.0.x return codes.
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