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>> 1. If I have MailScanner doing RBL using _only_ MAPS-RBL+ which provides
>> an aggregated service, how does MS handle the score returned by the
>> MAPS-RBL+ lookup as the last part of the IP address in the context of
>> the "Spam Lists To Reach High Score" definition.
>> (See
>> http://www.ja.net/CERT/JANET-CERT/mail/mail-abuse/rbl-plus-guide.html#ot
>> herMAPS for the explanation of the lookup results)
> It is triggered if it gets any of the valid 127.0.0.x return codes.

Are you sure?  If so then this won't work with the MAPS RBL+ (or JANET's
mirror of it)... this uses return codes of the form


as described in the page described above:


However if MailScanner works with ANY value that's returned then there
shouldn't be a problem.


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