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Samuel Luxford-Watts slwatts at WINCKWORTHS.CO.UK
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I am no expert, but I recently setup a server running exim, cyrus IMAP and
Squirrelmail. It was relatively easy to setup and works really well. Cyrus
Imap has support for individual quotas, acls and holiday rules and so on
(seive rules). Squirrelmail has a plugin for managing sieve so users can
manage their own rules easily.

I cant comment on your migration process ... I suppose you could use
fetchmail to pick the emails up and deposit them in the new mailboxes but
you would have to test it thouroughly as I think it may alter the emails.


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I know this is off topic, but a wide range of experts here, is too good an
opportunity not to try and get some useful info.

I have to replace the Lotus Domino server with a free Linux solution that
currently provides 300+ users with email. We hardly use any
calendar/scheduling or to dos etc. The aim is to recover the expensive Notes
licenses for use elsewhere.

The users only require webmail access to email and address books (private
and public).

We require quotas per user, easy admin UI to allow casual helpdesk staff to
admin accounts and password changes who are not Linux savvy.

I know I can use most any webmail UI, eg horde or suirrelmail or neomail.

Does anyone have preferences, advice or suggestions for a particular mail
server? And or message format? Eg maildir or mbox?

Anyone ever tried to convert Lotus Notes mail DBs to either maildir or mbox?
I figured I would look at fetchmail or similar and grab all the mail out
that way? Just need to figure a way to not reset the date on each message.

Love to hear any suggestions.

Thanks again

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